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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  September 17, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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breaking news out of the district. a shooting right by the u.s. capitol. police are on the scene right now. hospital shooting. we're learning mor about the arlington man who shot a doctor at johns hopkins before turning the gun on his mother and himself. prison meeting. the mother of natalee holloway travels to peru to come face to face with a man suspected of killing her daughter. good morning to you. i'm joe krebs. the rain has stopped around the region. we have 69 degrees. let's find out whether they will get any more rain today or perhaps into the weekend. >> here's tom. good morning to you. >> we certainly could use some. we got some beneficial rain orth and west of washington. most of the metro area now
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drying out. less than 0.1 in the area. right nows we look at the temperatures on this friday morni, it's a mild start to this friday in the wake of the rain from overnight. right now temperature at the national airport is 71. in the upper 60s in prince george's county and arlington county, montgomery and fairfax now mid-60s. radar scanning the sky there may be one sinkle there. we see the little blue speck near warrenton. and the rainfall totals not much around here. more in the shenandoah valley. temperatures ithe upper 50s. eastern shore, tidewater, near 70. over the last 12 hours is the rain. moving through eastern new engnd and producing some wind damage in new york city and some of the heavy rain pulling east of long island. later today, much of the region will see lot of sunshine. afternoon highs in the 80s with a northwest breeze. tomorrow, sunny, near 80 degrees
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after a cool start in the morning. sunday, partly oudy, good weather for the skins game suny afternoon, highs in the low to mid-80s. let's check traffic on this friday morning. ashley is in for jerry. ho is it looking now? >> well, this early morning we have a couple issues to get out of the way. out of the district in uthwest you will find c street is shut down between washington and third. police activity. taking to the roadways, capital beltway, nothing right now. as you can see here, past university you're still flying over towards college park. if you're travelin out of virginia, 95 northbound, on and off the bridge to rton. back to you. >> thanks very much, ashley. to breaking news, a report
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of a shooting on capitol hill. let's go right to news 4. elaine has the latest. good morning. >> good morning. this happened between 5:00 and 5:30 this morning located at second and c street southwest. this is located right next to the department of health and human services. one block from the rayburn house office building and near the united states botanical garden. busy area this time of morning. you really go one or two blocks either way you'll run into row houses where people live. a lot of walkers and runners in that area as it's located close to the mall. again, we're not really sure what transpired. we just heard of shots fired in that area just after 5:00 this morning. we're still working on getting some information. but as you heard ashley say, there are some streets in that
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area closed off because of this situation. again, this is c and second street southwest right ne the capitol near health and human services and one block away from rayburn house. we have a crew on the way. of course we'll bring as much informatio to you as soon as we get it. >> we know it's still early. there are a lot of security guards and police officers down there. any word if there's a suspect or a lookout for a suspect? >> reporter: not at this time. but you are right. with all the federal buildings in that area, it's pretty much staffed by security 24 hours a day. and there are guards at every singlen trance. u.s. capitol police has a strong presence in the area. you usually see officers on patrol staged infront of some of these buildings in that area. so we're just waiting to see
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what transpired. >> ee rain reyes live this morning. >> a gunman bare gaded himself inside a hospital. his mother lived in arlington, virginia. he likely shot his mother because he thought they were suffering. more from arlington. aul lived in his arlingn home with his ailing 84-year-old mother, jean davis. neighbors say he was a kind son. >> he took care of his mother until she took ill. then he sted at the hospital with her. it is so hard to believe.
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>> whyould a seemingly devoted son fatally shoot his mother and take his own life. he recently had surgery and s told she would probably never walk again. he then barricaded himself into his mother's hospital room. the two-hour standoff ended when he fatally shot his mother and turned the gun on himself. >> every day come home and take her to the doctor every day. he took her to the nursing thing or whatever. i can't believe he shot her. oh, i can't believe this. this is crazy. >> reporter: johns hopkins has
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hundreds of unarmed guards. the sprawling facility has more an 80 entrances. they will review secure procedures. dr. david cohen is expected to recover from hiswounds. in arlington, megan mcgrath news 4. the mother of missing teen natalee holloway traveled to peru and met face to face with joran van der sloot in prison. she got access to the prison wednesday through a dutch journalist. she told van der sloot she had no hate in her soul for him. his attorney said t meeting lasted less than a minute. prison officials made her leave because she did not have permission to talk with him. he is in jail after being accused of killing another
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woman, stephany flores. he is the main inspect in natalee holloway's disappearance in aruba but was never charged in connection with that case. a teenager is dead after being shot in a hyattsville park. 2600 block of nicholson street. good morning, tracy. >> reporter: good morning, jo yesterday when this happened at the neighborhood park it was actually light outside. this is a park that has a baseball field. also basketball courts. it's not isolated at all. a complex here sits on the edge of the park. police are trying to figure out what led to this shooting. around 8:00 p.m. last night police responded to the 2600 blockf nicholson street in hyatts vil. the 16-year-d boy who had been shot. they rushed him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.
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they are investigating to see what ledo the shooting. at this point they have not release the name of the victim. coming up, we will tell you why the plan to reduce the price smart trip cards may not work. we'll take a look at the areas hardest hit. 71 degrees. lovely sky in t nation's capitol after a little rain overnight. weather and traffic when we come back.
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we have drying conditions in the wake of the rain from yesterday. 60s to 70s. dry weend toe follow with mild afternoons and cool mornings. let's check traffic now. ashley, how is it looking.
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>> good mornig. inner loop ofhe capitol beltway, disabled vehicle. here's what's going on right now. slow to get beyond you see with the flashing lights, that's the disableded. 270 south from 109 to the truck scale. back to you. >> thanks very breaking news o citol hill. police on the scene of a shooting there. >> traffic on 395 is already bad on anyivenmorning. thousands of new workers, northern virginia commuters fear the worst. we'll hear are
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good morning, and welcome back. we're following breaking news. in the district, police are investigating a shooting on second and c street near the capitol by the rayburn office building and next to the department of health and hul services. it is a bus busy traffic area. we do have a news crew on the scene. we will bring you the latest coming up in a live report momentarily. meanwhile, metro is learning cutting the price of its smart trip card may not be so smart after all. the board having second thoughts about cutting the price of the cards in halfrom $5 to $2.50. there are apparently a number of concerns. one, they may run out of cards. two, people could use them to cheat the system. you can carry a negative balance.
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metro is afraid people will buy the cards and skip out on paying fares of $2.50. each cost the transit age $3.40. meaning it would acally lose 90 cents on each card sale. traffic trouble and pollution problems. some of the concerns people in alexandria voiced about a major military move headed their way. elaine reyes joins us live from the newsroom to report on this. good morning. >> reporter: lom residents are afraid their commute times will double. at the meeting last night centered around the brand-new marks center slated open xt september. 6,400 people were out of a billion dollar building located near i-395. hundreds of residents packed a town ll meeting last night begging officials to delay that move. congressman jim moran of virginia warned of some of the problems ahead.
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there would be severe congestion lasting three to four hours in the area. this is the army corps of engineers's own analysis. it would extend morning traffic rush hour on interstate 95 by two hours. >> reporter: now, one of the problems, the marks center is not close to mass transit. army representatives told residents there are plans for a shuttle bus service, stagerred hours to help with the traffic situation. back to you. >> elaine reyes reporting live. thanks very much, ee rain.
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>> reporter: president obama said preserve tax breaks for the wealthy costs too much. >> they want to spend another $700 billn that 98% of americans will never see. >> i don't think i'm going to put myrandchildren a this country into debt. >> reporter: republicans now insist on dealing with it before november's election. >> up or down vote on stopping all of the coming tax hikes. >> rorter: here's why it's a big deal. the census bureau reports 1 in 7 americans are now poor, the most ever. a new private analysis say letting the tax cuts expire mean a family of four making 54,000, would pay anxtra 2900 next year. >> it's still about barack obama and hiagenda. that remains a fundamental democratic problem. >> reporter: hammered on unemployment, the administration is fighting back. today the white releases a report on 100 stimulus project
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that are creing thousands of jobs across america. >> reporter: but not nearly enough. republicans say the real job creators are the wealthy americans wh president obama wants to tax more. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. first lady michelle obama is raising eyebrows for something she alleged said that the french president's wife mrs. sarkozy. the french embassy denies the claim the embassy says mrs. sarkozy has completely distanced herself from the book. massive storms pounded the city with winds up to 100 miles per hour. the storms are blamed for one death. a tree fell on a vehicle in queens killing the driver. tornado warnings went out in through poroughs. branches and garbage cans sailed
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throughhe air like toys. and hurricane karl has now grown to category 3hurricane. the mexican government issued a hurricane warning for a 186-mile-stretch of that country. according to the u.s. national hurricane center in miami, karl reached speeds close to 120 miles per hour. sofar no damage has been reported on and off the oil drilling platforms in the gulf. we're going to see what kind of weather we have in this area. you say we're still pretty dry. >> that's than 0.1. right now the sky is clearing out throughout most of the region. temperatures mild. in the 60s to near 70 degrees. afternoon highs in the low 80s with partly cloudy sky. car, cool in the 50s tomorrow. great weather for outdoor recreation and all the games tomorrow. the skins are playing e texans at fedex field.
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sunday 4:00 start around 80 degrees by kickoff time. partly cloudy. monday, quite bit of sunshine. and during the rest of the week, afternoon highs in the low 80s each day, sunshine and remaining dry. now let's check traffic. how is it looking now? >> good morning. well, you have some company. 270 southbound out of frederick, headed for 109 and the truck scales. this is what you're looking at. but the pace does lighten up as you head further south. volume on the increase. those headlights out virginia headed for 270. quiet commute greets you around connecticut avenue. no big problems. outer loop leaving colle park headed for new hampshire avenue. no problems there as well. earlier issue on the belt has been resolved and delays have eased out of green be up towards college park. back to you. >> ashley, thank you. >> 6:22. 69 degrees. coming up, a live rert from capitol hill where there's a
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report of i shooting this morning. and a bench-clearing incident during a game with the marlins will have to start serving his punishment. exclusive details about d.c. firefighters who might be
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our time right now is 6:26.
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we're following breaking news in the district this morning. we have learned that police shot a man at second and c streets in southwest washington by the capitol near the rayburn office building. capitol police say they saw a manith a gun and an officer shot him. we do have a news crew on the scene. we'll bring you the latest coming up in a live report four minutes from now at 6:30. the washington nationals will be without nyjer morgan the next eight games. major league baseball threw out one suspension he had been facing and imsed a second. he could have been kept off the field for 15 games. the league withdrew the punishment for an incident in philadelphia last month in wich he threw a ball into the stands hitting a fan. but the league imposed it for a series of incidents that followed, including starting this brawl down in florida. he appealed hi official suspension at the time. enage girls will be gathering on the national mall
6:27 am
to take part in the two-second turnoff rally. more than 200 will be signing pledge cardssking them to take two seconds to turn off cell phones before they drive. a shooting on capitol hill. and the latestt johns hopkins hospital the the arlington man accused of shooting a doctor before killing his mother and himself. what gnat
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♪ [ sniffs ] morning. you goin pretty late last night. dad, i'm not sixteen anymore. still, it was late. well... you're not gonna have to worry about that anymore. yeah, why's that? ♪ todd's a lucky man. ♪ the best part of wakin' up... ♪ that's what i to himwhen we tal. ♪ folgers in your cup breaking news this morning. this is a live picture, a shooting early this morning on capitol hill. a police officer was involved in that shooting.
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good morning. welcome back to news 4 today. i'm joe krebs. we're going to take a live look outside the 6:31. cool, refreshing morning. beautiful sky out there. much needed rain. now tom is her to tell us about the forecast today. goomorning. didn't get much around the metro area. take a look at this live video from skywatcher. golden rays of sun shooting up into the stratosphere from below the horizon. we're still 20 minutes away from the sunrise. up at 50,000 feet you can see the sun, golden rays. they're called crepuscular rays. the rainfall totals were rather paltry around the metro area. northern maryland got up to nearly an inch. only in the 50s in the mountains. much of this rain has existed the entire eastern half of the
6:32 am
country. highs near 80 as well as tomorrow. remaing dry into next week. >> we have big delays. capitol beltway, all earlier issues. we do have delays. new accident on 66 eastbound. adding to the delays that we have coming out of center vil headed for fairfax. joe, back to you. >> thank you, ashley. we're continuing to follow breaking news from capitol hill. police say just a short time ago an offer shot a man blocks from the capil building near the intersection of second and c streets southwest near the rayburn office building. megan mcgrath joins us live for the latest. megan, good morning. >> good morning. i'm going to step out of the way so you can see the scene behind me. they have second street on the other side and c street
6:33 am
immediately behind me here blocked off completely as part of their investigation. it happened a little after 5:00 this morning. a report of ape man in the area with a gun. alert went out. police officers began to look for this individual. they actually found him in the area of second and c street. that's just in between the backside of the rayburn house office building and the department of health and human services. according to police, that person brandished t gun, pointed it at theolice officers who had responded. those officers fearing for their life fired their weapon and shot the man at second and c street. we do not have any information about the condition of the man and no information about what exactly transpired, whether there was an argument, altercation, whether any words were spoken. it was a situation where a call came out, report of a man in the area of the capitol ground with a weapon.
6:34 am
the alert went out. officers began to search for this individual. shots were fired. we don't kn how many shots were fired. we dot know whether or not the suspect, the man with the gun was able to get out. this is very early in the investigati. also in terms of folks coming to work given the time of day it is. a lot of cures onity about what's going on. keep in mind this immediate area around second and c they do have records closed off. that certainly could impact people. back to you. >> megan mcgrath oncapitol hill. thanks so much for the update.
6:35 am
50-year-old paul rtis is from arlington. he was told she may never walk again. his brother said his sibling likely shot their mother because he felt she was suffering. neighbors were shocked and saddened by the news. >> he lived with his mother until she took ill. then he stayed at the hospital with her. it's really hard to believe. it's so hard to believe. >> every day come home and take her to the doctor, every d. i guess he took her to the nursing thing or whatever. i can't believe he shot he oh. i can't believe this. this is crazy. >> reporter: the surgeon who w shot, dr. david cohen, is xpected to be ay, expected to survive. prison meeting. the mother of natalee holloway ravels to peru to come face to face with a man suspected of killing her daughter.
6:36 am
she said she had, quote, no hate in her soul for him. he is accused of killing another woman, 21-year-old stephany flores, but the main suspect in natae holloway's appearance after a class trip to aruba but was never charged in connection with that case. this morning we know the names of the three men killed in yesterday morning's accident involving an suv and ambulance. all three victims were in the suv which side swiped the plans in district heights. the driver is ee ma'am yell jones, watley and burny both lived in the distri. the suv was going the wrong way when it collided with the ambulance. two people were in the ambulance and expected to be okay. pit bulls can be good dogs. that's what a group is trying to get out. a vigil was held last night for
6:37 am
the dogs. parrot was aggressive during sunday out adams morgan festival and bit two people. the owner said that never happened. he only became aggressive wi another dog. they sait takes a responsible owner to keep the dogs out of trouble. now a story first on 4. allegations that a d.c. firefighter was apparently preparing food for a party at a firehouse while complely buck or is it butt naked. either way it sounds pretty unappetizing. news 4 has learned this all took place at an engine house in the columbia heights area back in july. a source provided us with this picture which we're told is the a fore mentioned firefighter cooking. as many as three firefighters prepared and served food naked with female personnel present. >> this event occurred sometime in late july. then in early agust the complaint was filed.
6:38 am
since then our internal affairs office has been conducting an investigation. it is ongoing. >> the department says it has a zero tolerance policy whether on duty or off. following breaking news. police-involved shooting on capitol hill. we'll also tell you what bridge will be closed to all traffic this weekend. apples ipad could soon have a little competition. 38 now. 70 degrees. beautifultart to your day. what will the weekend look like?
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the way car buying should be. et's take a live look outside rightow or not. we'll take a live look inside right now. >> here we are. >> here's your live look right over there. >> beautiful shot this morning. sun will coming up. partly cloudy sky. another view from our sky watcher camera over northeast washington in the foreground. and the sunrise is about ten minutes away. right now it's near 70 at washington. nearby suburbs, mid and upper 60s. around the bay right in the low 70s in lower southern maryland as well as the northern neck of virginia.
6:42 am
later on today it will climb to the low 80s. many areas now in the 50s. most locations in the 70s there today. partly cloudy skies. tomorrow, mostly sun y. after highs 70 to near 80. good weather for the skins game. and on monday, should be mostly sunday. the latest on the tropics in ten minutes. how is our traffic? >> divingight into virginia, 66 eastbound. cident activity on the right shoulder at 28 and centerville. as you can see, what's left of it appears to be cleared. voume is going to be a factor. around t capital beltway, volume is a factor. outer loop jammed from college park to silver spring. earlier hazmat between connecticut a 355 in the overnight hours. a lot of sand across the roadway. 270 headed south from 109 to the tck scale. you are on the brakes. back to you guys. >> ashley, thank you.
6:43 am
6:43. we are staying on top of breakin news this morning. capitol police sh a man with a gun by the united states capitol. live on t scene with brand-new details.
6:44 am
6:45 am
well, good morning.
6:46 am
you can see behind me police have c street core donald off as part of their investigation. this entire blockf c street. the incident itself happened near the intersection with second street. perhaps off in the distance tre you can see there are a pair of shoes in the middle of the roadway. of course you can see all the emergency vehicles around us here. this all began to unfold around 5:00 this morning. capitol police say they got a call or got -- or it became known to them there was an man in the area of capitol gunds by the rayburn house office building, a man who had a gun. the alert went out. officers began to look forthat. they found him at second and c street. at that point they tried to talk to that person. according to poli, the man pulled out a gun, pointed it at the responding officers. those officers then fired and shot the ma we have no information about the condition of theman, whether he is alive or dead.
6:47 am
also no information on whether or not that person fired a shot as well or whether was simply the police officers that fed the shots. all of that still being worked out at this point. it's very early in the investigation. this just happened at 00 this morning. also no word whether there was any exchange of words, any arguing or confrontation before all of this went down before the man allegedly pointed the gun at the officer. certainly that is part of the investigation as well. in terms of the impact for fos who work in this area this is an area with a lot of federal buildings, a lot of office buildings. given the time of day, a lot of people making their way to the office this morning. we have road closures in the area. not sure how long the roads are going to remain closed. certainly you're not going to be able to walk down this section of c street. second street is also impacted as well. just to give you an idea of the area we're talking about, the backside, the ba corner, far corner,rayburn house office
6:48 am
building. building that and the department of health and human serces. the inciden might have happened on the corner or perhaps ightly in the roadway. that's where we're seeing a pair of shoes actually in the roadway. certainly more information, more detail as the morningears on. >> megan mcgrath on capitol hill. thanks for the update. >> are you waitg for metro to reduce the smart trip card before you buy one? the board is having second thoughts about cutting the price of cards in half from $5 to $2.50. there are apparently a concerns. one is metro may simply run out of cards. two, people could use them to actually cheat the system. you can carry a negative balance on your smart trip card. metro is afraid people will buy the cards and skip out on paying fares of $2.50. on top of that, metro just learned each card costs the transit agency $3.50.
6:49 am
meaning if it sold it for $2.50 it would lose 90 cents on each smart trip card sale. good morning, courtney. >> reporter: hi. good morning. head of johnson & johnson consumer health care business is retiring amid ongoing probes into children's tylenol and other products. she will leave next month. the health panel is disclosing j and j may ve iad a phantom recall. samsung will start selling a device called the galaxy tab later th fall. we know it will be available via all four major wireless carri s carriers. it is a 7 inch screen, smaller than ipad. it has t cameras for video
6:50 am
conferencing which the ipad lacks. back to you, joe. >> sounds pretty interesting. >> reporter: yeah. >> thanks, courtney, have a great weekend. >> reporter: you too. see you monday. the blown-out bp oil well could be permanently sealed up by the end of this weekend. the well cannot be declared dead until it is completely sealed from the bottom. and for the who work and live along the coac they are counting down the hours until this almost five-month-long disaster is over. >> it's well overdue. we're just glad that day is finally coming. finally we see light at the end of the tunnel. meanwhile, inspect scientists have found blankets of oil along the floor, some stretching for miles and up two two iches thick.
6:51 am
6:51. a look at the forecast for today. and the weekend. >> a little ra overnight here. more rain fell farther to the north of washington. we had less than 0.1 here. now at dawn, live view from the sky watcher camer the sun now showing up above the horizon, northeast washington in the distance. and the temperatures are mild this mornin near 70 in washington. right near the pay and tidewater regions. iand, in the 60s. maryland and virginia. mountains of west maryland, west virginia, in the 50s. eastern shore,ear 70. right on the oceanthere, upper 60s. and a look at the last 12 hours, a couple waves of heavy rain passing to our north. did damage around new york ciy. t heavy rain is exiting southern new england. behind a few clouds coming through. meanwhile, the trocs are very active. very powerful hurricane igor.
6:52 am
>> now the winds have initialed down to 125. still less than 14. close enough to our atlantic beaches for some heavy surf to be developing over the weekend d rip tieds for the students at bus stops this morning, partly cloudy. 60s to near 70. by noon, upper 70s to near 80. low 80s by midafternoon. then overnight tonight will be mostly clear. we'll have temperatures in the 50s by dawn on saturday. looks like a great weekd coming up. great for all the games tomorrow and outdoor recreation, near 80. mid-80s in the afternoon. good weather for the skins and texans. monday, mostly sunny, near 80. tuesday, mid week, just a few clouds. ashley, how is our traffic? >> good morning. well, we are starting you off
6:53 am
with delays around the region. 270, southbound direction, 118. heavy from 109 down to the tru scales and back up to the speed limit. germantown, it is heavy. off and on the bridge from this point to the capitol beltway itself. trip along 395 northbound, jammed up early. after that point, clear shot two and from. new today, some good news for northern virginia drivers. at 7:00 this evening, the virginia department of transportation will open northbound lanes of fairfax county extension. a ribbon cutting for the final link was helmonday. >> a check of our top stories this morning. peruvian news agency reports the mother of missing teen
6:54 am
natalee holloway met with joran van der sloot in prison. she got access through a dutch journalist. he is in prison accused of killing another woman, 21-year-old stephanie flores. he is the main suspect in natalee holloway's 2001 disappearance in aruba but was never charged. a victim shot in hyattsville in the park at 2600 block of nicholsonstreet. police have not releaseded his name, nor have they said what led to that shooting. and the chain bridge will ose at 8:00 tonight so crews ca work under the bridge deck. no access from either d.c. or arlington. that includes pedestrians and bikers because the sidewalk will also be closed. traffic on canal road will not be affected. it will open at 5:00 a.m., mondaythe 20th. we continue follow breaking news from the district. we have learned police have shot
6:55 am
a man sat second and c street southwest. that's near the capitol by the rayburn office building, actually the backside of the building on c street. capitol police telus they saw a man with a gun and an officer shot him. we will continue to follow the story throughout the morning with updates throughout the "today" show. more news coming up on news 4 midday. >> let's get a final check of the forecast before we head out the door. >> drying out. all eyes wondering what's going toappen along the weekend. a live view. in the 60s. climbing to 80. mostly sunny. cool in the moing. afternoon highs 80s. mid-80s. good weather for thekips game. monday looks like it will be mostly sunny with temperatures in the low 80s. here's a look into next week. we'll stay dry. we certainly could use more
6:56 am
rain. not much of a chance all the way into next thursday. high near 80. partly cloudy both days. that is the way it looks in the morning. great weekend. we'll see you news 4 midway with a latest look at the weekend. how is it looking, ashley? >> delays around the region. 66 eastbound jammed up, headed to fairfax. 109 down towards germantown. outer loop is jammed, college park to silver spring. a little bit of a rocky commute between connecticut and 355 where there is sand and debris all across the roadway. no problems towards 270. back to you. >> okay. . thanks very much, ashley that is news 4 today. thanks for starting your friday and your weekend wh us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll be right back monday morning. we start at 4:30 a.m.
6:57 am
we hope to see you then. until then, have a great y and a great weekend. >> bye.
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